Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NIN Tour Blog

This year's Nine Inch Nails tour around the world outside the United States is over. Throughout the tour, the band posted photos taken with their iPhones to a blog at Archives of the NIN tour blog can be found at and

New tour dates for the upcoming North American tour are expected to be announced soon. Hopefully they will keep using the photo blog!


randy said...

well, it doesn't look like there will be a u.s. tour:

"YOU ARE getting the last show of the current incarnation of the band."

also i just found this at the rss feed:

honolulu date announced
Jul 17, 10:58 AM

nine inch nails will perform at the blaisedell arena in honolulu, hawaii on september 18, 2007, as part of the upcoming summer performance 2007 tour. tickets go on sale august 4th, with spiral pre-sales beginning july 31st. this will be the only u.s. date on this tour.

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