Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sticky & Sweet

Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 Vienna


Act 1: Pimp

Intro/Candy Shop
Beat Goes On
Human Nature

Video Interlude - Die Another Day

Act 2: Old School

Into The Groove
Heart Beat
She’s Not Me

Video Interlude - Rain/Here Comes The Rain Again

Act 3: Gypsy

Devil Wouldn't Recognize
Spanish Lesson
Miles Away
La Isla Bonita/Lela Pala Tute
Doli Doli (Live interlude - Romanian folk song)
You Must Love Me

Video Interlude - Get Stupid

Act 4: Rave

4 Minutes
Like A Prayer
Ray Of Light
Dress You Up (acapella)
Hung Up
Give It 2 Me

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