Monday, December 15, 2008

Notice: Your New York Libretel number is going out of service

I received this email from support last week, telling me they will turn off my New York 212 number, like, NOW. That is awfully short notice..! They also will not let me know who this range will be assigned to in the future, or who provided them with this service up until now.

According to this number has been assigned to Global NAPs, so I am now trying to contact them.

Who wants to lose their 212 number? Exactly, no one!


Tue Dec 09 16:07:08 2008

Dear Customer,

Your affected number is 1-212-202 2357.

It is with regret that we must inform you that Libretel will be
suspending services for Port of Call and Global Port of Call
effective during the month of December. While we would have liked to
continue operating this service for a long time,
we are unable at the current time.

We will not actively turn off the numbers before the end of the
calendar year, but expect in the coming weeks that service will be
interrupted. As these numbers are supplied by local third-parties,
there will unfortunately be no replacements or portability to another


Libretel Support.


Update: I found this thread thanks to @klenert and @erazmus.

So I am now hoping that Super Technologies, Inc. will be able to port my number.

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